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My Halloween selfie

Hi everyone! I am busy as a bee these past few months. Been working on our thesis and searching for an OJT. Sorry for not updating my blog. I'll be back and will update you soon!! You can still keep in touch with me by stalking my twitter and instagram accounts. :) 


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Posted on Thursday, September 4, 2014 · 2 comments

Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating my blog. I was busy with our thesis. Last night, I was having a hard time sleeping. I was forcing myself to read our powerpoint presentation and remember every detail from our transcript of interview. Luckily, all our efforts paid off though there are still minor revisions in our document.  
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Florals x Plaids

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Every Tuesday, I have no classes and it’s my free day. I have all the time to sleep but I just can't. It’s just that I find it hard to sleep and also because of my body clock which is 7:00 am or when I try to sleep again, 9:30 am.

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Hi everyone! Sorry for being MIA again. I wasn't able to buy a new charger for my laptop. I was so busy with everything. Anyway, got a new charger today. Bought it around Quezon City and I got the chance to drive again. Well, about the driving stuff, I accidentally sprained my wrist while turning. And yeah, its kinda hard to work with one hand. Reminder to all drivers, drive safely! Lol. Don't get too excited or aggressive while driving. ;)
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