Denim and Aztecs

Posted on Thursday, July 24, 2014 · 0 comments

Another lazy outfit for me this week. Since its still frosh week here in Mapua, I still don't feel dressing up too much. Hahah! Anyway, photos are taken by Kyle at Salcedo Parking lot at Makati City.     

Jeans - All time favorite jeans from Levis!! :D 

Flats from Solemate

Watch - Casio.

Details of my denim top.

What can you say about this look? Have a great week!


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Shades of Blue

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I didn't noticed that I'm wearing all blue with this outfit. It's so perfect for the green background which gives a calm and breezy outcome.
I spent a couple of hours choosing photos to post but I ended up picking most of the shots. Forgive me, please. HAHA

Kudos to Kyle for the photos!!
Here are the photos. :)

Denim vest - given by my aunt. She bought it at Forever 21 Japan. 

One piece - bought this at a bazaar. Pattered with birds!! So cute!

Flats - from the ever favorite, Solemate

Essential "accessories" are my watch from Casio and my rosary.

Other shots. Hehe <3
I fell in love with the plants at Makati. It really captured me because I'm really attracted to anything green. 
I love the nature lol

Anklets: Vietnam and Zambales.
Since I started wearing anklets, I had a hard time removing it. :( Planning to cut it but can't 'cause it is given by my boyfriend.

Wishing for a sunny week again. :)

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A touch of nature

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Finally! I had time to have a mini shoot. School just started for me again. One week break is not really enough for me to recover from the stress that I gained last term. How I wish we had more time to rest.

Photos were taken at Salcedo Park, Makati by Kyle! Thank you, man! :)

Top - Forgot where I bought this one. Denim star patterned top that I really love because of its cute star pattern. Hehe

Skater skirt - bought this one from my friend's online shop at instagram, findandshop. 
Black sneakers - from SM Department store.

Tried to look fierce here but I look funny HAHAHA 

What can you say about the color combination?


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Posted on Friday, July 4, 2014 · 0 comments

Trying out something new. HAHA. I really look like a tomboy here, except my hair because its long.
Photos taken in front of our neighbor's abandoned house. Photos by the amazing boyfriend.

Button down - Easiest fashion statement for men nowadays. Can be paired with either pants or shorts plus any shoes. Tried to wear a button down and its so awesome. lol

Jeans - Denim pants from Levi's.

Sneakers - From SM Department Store. Comfiest and fave shoes for the mean time. :)

Did I wore the button down right? 
Share with me your thoughts. :D

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